Apple iPhone 8 (2017) Features: Camera Specs at Par with DLSR – Check Excellent Features Here! [VIDEO]


The most anticipated iPhone 8 for 2017 is getting a handful or round up rumors lately having camera specs as the latest ones. Will the next iPhone be a complete substitute for DSLR cameras? Read more details here!

Apple iPhone 8 (2017) Features & Specs

iPhones are known for being high-caliber smartphones of this generation and because of that, it's annual launching has been the most anticipated event for as long as technology is concerned. For this reason, Apple is compelled to deliver iPhones with impeccable features every now and then most especially in 2017 where the company looks forward to celebrate its 10th iPhone anniversary.

iPhone 8 which is considered to be an anniversary phone is shaping up for its 2017 release. Alongside the anticipated launching are the set of features and specs of the phone most especially the most-talked about camera that is rumored to sport a telephoto lens according to BGR.

As KGI Analyst Ming-Chi Kou predicts, the next selling point advantage of Apple for the iPhone 8 (2017) is its camera features with enhanced optical zoom and photo quality. However, this camera features will only be available for the premium iPhone 8 with bezel-less and edge-to-edge curved OLED display according to Mac Rumors.

On the other hand, Apple is rumored to face big challenges when it comes to producing an iPhone 8 with OLED display screen technology. According to Forbes, the tech giant is running into a major problem which is the lack of OLED panel supplies.

It can be recalled that Apple has negotiated with Sharp for the OLED panels and the two have sealed an agreement for the supply. Just recently, Apple has reported to have negotiated with Samsung for the OLED panels since the latter is known for being the sole supplier of such kind of materials. Meanwhile, an iPhone 8 with OLED display is not yet confirmed. 

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