'Persona 5' Release News: Valentine's Day 2017 Brings 'No-Translation' Needed Game; Live On Nov. 16; JRPGs Playable Mascot Character Revealed


"Persona 5" official announcement was previously made revealing the official release date of the PlayStation role-playing game by developers Atlus and P Studio. In addition, its first official stream is slated to roll out in a few days. The developers also introduced a new character voiced by a "First Squad" voice actress.

The developers reportedly revealed that the sixth installment of the "Persona" series will officially launch on Valentine's Day, Feb. 14, 2017. This is slated to mark the first time that English-speaking fans will get to have a chance to play the game in a manner that will no longer need translation. In addition, the announcement included that the first stream of "Persona 5" will run on Nov. 16 at 3 p.m. ET and Nov. 16 at 12 p.m. midnight PST on Twitch.

The "Persona 5" announcement was reportedly announced via email, Crunchyroll reported. The first English gameplay is slated to be debuted during the "Let Us Start the game" live stream event. This live stream is also rumored to be the biggest one that Atlas has ever done.  It should be noted that the role-playing game is already available for Japanese fans. The game will be launched worldwide in 2017.

In other news, the "Persona 5" developer Atlus also reportedly introduced the new member of "Phantom Thieves". Atlus recently introduced the JRPG's mascot character which will be a playable party member as well, Siliconera reported. The "Oblivion Island: Haruka and the Magic Mirror" voice actress Cassandra Morris has reportedly been cast for the role of Morgana.

The "Persona 5" Morgana is said to be a mysterious creature clothed in many forms. Apart from her typical black and white cat with a yellow collar form, Morgana is also said to take on a more anthropomorphic cartoon cat cat. Morgana can also become a bus for the team to ride on or as Zorro. Watch Atlas Persona 5: Introducing the Phantom Thieves' Felonious Feline Mascot, Morgana!

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