'Clash Royale' Gameplay Tricks, Tips: Tornado Card Is Also Spell Card; Improved Ice Golem, Graveyard Spell, Inferno Dragon Cards Coming Soon?


"Clash Royale" fans have something to look out for. The game reportedly received four new cards, with the first one, the epic card Tornado, is already released. Latest updates reveal how the card can be used.

The next "Clash Royale" card to be released is a common card - the Elite Barbarians card. Meantime, the Tornado card is available at the Card Shop of the game's in-game shop for 400 gems, the premium currency. The players are allowed to get up to 10 Tornado cards that can help them to level three of epicness.

How To Use Tornado Card

The card is used to pull enemy troops in the center of the tornado, which deals with the damage over time. While it has no impact on buildings, the card may be released in the middle of the arena, wherein troops will be sucked inside the Tornado. The troops, then, must find their way to the tower. Since it is also a spell card, the opponent will not be able to deal damage to it. Given that, Tornado card is expected to be one of "Clash Royale's" most used cards.

Moreover, Tornado card can be unlocked in Arena 6 and above. Despite dealing only with moderate damage, the card is reported to have a big range, and although it carries opposing troops, they are still capable of attacking. This means that the players should be careful where to place it. It should also be noted that the card is not able to drag ground troops over the river, but it can send flying troops over the river, Touch Arcade reported.

Meanwhile, "Clash Royale's" introduction of new cards is also reported to bring improvements to the older cards such as  Ice Golem, Graveyard and Inferno Dragon. Supercell has recently confirmed that the game's next update will not abandon these old cards, assuring that these can still be used by the players.

"Clash Royale" Inferno Dragon will be stronger with its improvement of 950 hit points, creating 350 damage. Ice Golem, on the other hand, improves with 625 hit points and can now do 40 damage. However, no details were mentioned regarding the Graveyard Spell, Phone Arena reported. Watch Gemming TORNADO + ELITE BARBS Confirmed! // Clash Royale Update

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