'Overwatch' News, Update: Symmetra Improvements, Changes In the Game


"Overwatch" players are aware that  Symmetra logs the least number of minutes compared to more than 20 heroes in the game. In fact, even developers agree that her ability set and stats make her a situational choice, and while the rest of the members have both the strongest and weakest modes and maps, Symmetra reportedly takes it away further. However, some gaming experts believe that there are ways to re-balance her gameplay and appeal to the ordinary player.

Give Teleporter More HP

In "Overwatch", on-screen tips will advise players to place sentry turrets close to the teleporter for protection. However, turrets die quickly, and therefore, protecting the teleporter decreases the major part of Symmetra's killing ability and promote balance, given that it is limited only to six. Since a good game is founded on checks and balances for power moves, there is no need for the teleporter to be OP.

Faster Travel After Teleporter Creation

"Overwatch" players suggest that Symmetra's movement speed may be increased similar to the speed rate of Lucio by pressing triangle, or Y for Xbox users, to compel the teleporter. The lack of any character brings an impact despite not being a key force on the front line like Symmetra.

In fact, leaving the team with no enough numbers b dropping a teleporter can be a trouble, especially when the teleporter is destroyed two seconds following its discovery. If Symmetra leaves, six teammates could likely go back into the tray, but the teleporter is already one of the game's easiest-countered Ultimates, which makes some players believe it is the cost of a long trip away from the battle, ahead of time, PlayStation Lifestyle reported.

Meanwhile, the Overwatch free weekend is reportedly being planned for the fans. As announced by Blizzard, the event also coincides with the launch of Sombra on Xbox One, PS4 and the PC, including the new game mode and map. However, the Sombra release date is reportedly dependent on testing since the new hacker character is expected to be a powerful new force whose unique abilities have yet to be proven in the game.

'Overwatch" can be played for free in the UK on Nov. 18 until Nov. 21,  Express reported. Watch Secret Symmetra Strategy

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