‘Scalebound’ Will Allow Players To Customize, Control Their Own Dragons [VIDEO]


Players will be able to customize and control their own dragons in "Scalebound." Some video game details were also revealed.

"Scalebound" Drew and Thuban share a connection

Platinum Games creative producer J.P. Kellams said that main protagonist Drew and dragon Thuban were connected to one another, Polygon quoted him as saying during Gamescom 2016. They share a life force that Drew can use in battle. He said that once they are linked, the game will then swap from an over-the-shoulder view to a first-person view, which lets Drew direct Thuban in battle.

Director Hideki Kamiya said that while Drew and Thuban are two different beings, their minds are combined into one when they use Dragon Link. Players will be able to control Thuban through Drew's perspective, and use his attacks and moves, but Drew will be defenseless at this time around.

"Scalebound" customizable and controllable dragons

Other dragons can actually be controlled by Drew even if Thuban is always the one used in promotional materials. Players can also customize different dragons, which will be three different types. They can control the well-balanced Rex, the heavy tank type, and the wyvern with top agility.

Kamiya said that players are welcome to try out only one dragon and develop different types of skills in that way. They can also try out the other dragons so that they can create and customize their own dragon for a unique gameplay experience. He also said that the customization is deep that they can be able to create their own play style with one dragon.

Defining "Scalebound"

According to the official website of "Scalebound," players will experience the journey of a young loner called Drew, who is suddenly pulled into the world of Draconis. He will bond with Thuban, who is the last of his kind. They must travel together to fight the powerful enemies who threaten Draconis, Earth, and other parallel worlds.

Check out the "Scalebound" playable dragons video below:

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