‘Grand Theft Auto Online’ Introduces DEADLINE Mode, TRON-Like Bikes; New Discounts Abound [VIDEO]


"Grand Theft Auto Online" gets the new DEADLINE mode and TRON-like bikes. Rockstar Games also revealed the new discounts for several properties, vehicles, and more.

"Grand Theft Auto Online" DEADLINE Mode introduction

With the latest "Grand Theft Auto V" update, "Grand Theft Auto Online" gets the DEADLINE mode with the new Shotaro bike. According to the official website of Steam, this is a mode where four players race against each other and they will be riding different colored Shotaro bikes in the whole entirety of the contest. The bikes will emit a temporary light trailer as they ride throughout the arena.

"Grand Theft Auto Online" DEADLINE Mode race strategies and power ups

Those "Grand Theft Auto Online" racers who will get hit by the light trailer of the Shotaro bike will explode. Each player will have to make calculated movements to force the other racers to hit the light trail and win the competition. They can also get different types of power-ups to make it more interesting like the Boost for more speed.

"Grand Theft Auto Online" TRON-like bikes

Rockstar Games revealed that these bikes that look like from the "TRON" franchise are called the Nagasaki Shotaro bikes. These bikes are packed with enough energy to ride through Los Santos and blaze through it with a light trail. It will be unlocked first in the new DEADLINE Adversary Mode and then it will be available for purchase at the Legendary Motorsport.

The Deadline Outfit that will together with the bike will be unlocked for purchase at any clothing store in the "Grand Theft Auto Online." Shotaro owners will also get a free Nagasaki Logo Tee for a limited time only.

"Grand Theft Auto Online" new boosts and discounts

According to the official website of Rockstar Games, players can get a boost of their Biker Business with 25 percent off Business supplies and resupplies in "Grand Theft Auto Online." They can also take advantage of different discounted weapons and vehicles when they purchase it now until Nov. 21.

Check out the "Grand Theft Auto Online" DEADLINE video below:

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