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‘Rainbow Six Siege’ Release Date, News & Details: Ubisoft Montreal Promises Brand New Content for 2017 [VIDEO]


Tom Clancy's "Rainbow Six Siege" is getting its much needed attention after it was confirmed on twitter that more content will arrive in 2017. The twitter announcement validated rumors that a new season is scheduled to launch next year, but with no specific details to back up the news, it remained a background story needing to be confirmed.

Meanwhile, PCGamer reported that the fifth and final content for the first season of "Rainbow Six Siege" will arrive at the end of the year. The new content will be included in the Red Crow content, wherein it is expected to feature the Japanese Special Assault Team.

The expansion, aside from the already confirmed assault team, will also add two new operators. Aside from that, the anticipated skyscraper map that is located in an abandoned building in Japan is expected to make a significant impact on the upcoming "Rainbow Six Siege" expansion.

The current season of the game has already released four maps; excluding the Red Crow that is expected to arrive at the end of the year. A total of eight operators makes up the "Rainbow Six Siege" Season 1 and that's including the Hibana and Echo.

A free update is also coming this year, which will include a new caliber-based destruction system. Part of Ubisoft's note for the said system says "The impact zone and fragility sphere are now weapon-specific, which means stronger calibers will create bigger bullet holes and generate larger impulses." According to the post, the new destructive system brings more realistic experience to the game, unfortunately; in the form of environmental destruction.

Ubisoft has not made any confirmation on the format of "Rainbow Six Siege" Season 2, but what's has been confirmed is the effort to deliver new and more content in 2017.

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