See Why New Zynga CEO and Former EA CEO Frank Gibeau Says ‘He’ll Never Go Back to PC and Console’ [VIDEO]

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New Zynga CEO and former EA CEO Frank Gibeau said he'll never go back to PC and console gaming. It's a tough statement, but it shouldn't be a hard decision when you have experienced creating game for every platform. The CEO has apparently went through the different system of creating games and has considered mobile gaming as the best yet.

In his interview on GamesBeat, Gibeau did not mentioned why he made the statement, but he made it clear why he's sticking to the mobile business. He also said that he's been amazed with the massive reach of mobile gaming and the number of people who actually have access to it. Mentioning Asia as one of the fast emerging global market of mobile games, he also added that more regions are becoming acquainted to the platform.

Despite his adoration for the mobile platform, the new Zynga CEO and former EA CEO said that he's aware of the changing times, and that the mobile gaming business may not be at its height forever. He cited the Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) gaming as the possible threat to the mobile business.

Currently, Frank Gibeau is positive about where Zynga is heading and their massive following in the mobile gaming world. "I love where our company is positioned. Our focus on mass-market social is far from its full potential," he added.

Meanwhile, Zynga's latest racing game entitled "CSR 2" has been doing well for the company. Despite worries that it will be toppled, following its the same launching date as the "Pokemon GO," Gibeau is not surprised, the "CSR 2" is the number one racing games in over 50 countries around the world.

Meanwhile, GamesIndustry reported that, despite Zynga's earnings hitting above the target, the company suffered at least $41 million loss, primarily because of their current transition to mobile gaming.

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