‘Uncharted 4’ Story DLC Extends Nathan Drake’s Quest Without Creating a New Game [VIDEO]

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Naughty Dog has found a way to extend Nathan's story without creating a new "Uncharted 4" game. According to recent news online, Nathan Drake's story will be extended in the form of a DLC, which is expected to arrive this December. Fans who wish to know more about the story DLC, it could happen during the PlayStation Experience 2016 so keep the event on your calendar.

In a recent interview by LetsPlayVideoGames, Troy Baker, the voice actor who plays Nathan Drake's brother, revealed that the new story DLC of "Uncharted 4" will be by far the biggest that Naughty Dog has ever created. Interestingly, the new story DLC is a standalone mode that players can have, even in the absence of the base game. Also, the new "Uncharted 4" story DLC will feature the adventures of the Drake brothers.

Unfortunately, it will not include the story of Nathan's daughter, which, according to the WCCFTech, appeared on the last part of "Uncharted 4: A Thief's End." Nolan North, who plays Nathan Drake in the adventure, said that it would have been interesting to have his "daughter" in the game, but of course, the writers have different idea on the story DLC.

PlayStation players can start seeing the preview of the "Uncharted 4" story DLC beginning Dec. 3. "Uncharted 4: A Thief's End" is the last installment in the Uncharted series, which was released on May 10, and since then, no DLC followed the series. Others have thought that would be the last, until Naughty Dog's plan to add a story DLC was revealed.

Troy Baker and Nolan North voiced the main characters in the "Uncharted 4" series. They are also the ones who revealed the upcoming DLC of the new Uncharted series.

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