Tom Clancy’s ‘The Division’ News Update: See the Good News About Tom Clancy's 'The Division' Lately [VIDEO]

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Tom Clancy's "The Division," despite its rocky existence, did bring some good news just before November kicks in. Previously, the game was the center of backlash after players were met with so many glitches, it was almost impossible to continue playing the game. Even the arrival of "The Division" Patch 1.4 brought new set of problems to Xbox One users.

Now, it looks like players are getting a breather after VG42/7 reported that, there are few, but significant materials in offer for players who are at least in Tier 4. The week's vendor reset apparently brought new items to the game. Players who are on Tier 4 get more exciting items also.

Interestingly, the sale of Gear Score 229 items were included in "The Division" weekly reset. The said item helps player increase their gameplay. Unfortunately, players who can't see the the said item according to the site could be in a totally different Tier.

These free items are known to help players craft their weapons within "The Division" game. Meanwhile, the week did not pass without the game, giving some hard time to its Xbox One fans. In the latest report by SegmentNext, Xbox One players suffered malfunction of the chat feature of "The Division."

Despite Ubisoft acknowledging the problem, there weren't any immediate work made in order to fix the problem. Seemingly, they resorted to disabling the chat feature of the game. That means, Xbox One players can't possibly communicate with the rest of the players.

Ubisoft however, promised their fans that the disabled chat is a temporary thing. Once the problem has been properly addressed and fix, "The Division" Xbox One players can start using the feature again. Have you played Tom Clancy's "The Division" lately? What do you about the latest update that arrived on the game? Are you satisfied with the weekly reset brought by Patch 1.4?

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