Microsoft Surface Pro 5: 2017 Flagship is Expected to Come in Two Variants – Windows 10 and Android? [VIDEO]


There is a new speculation rounding up the most anticipated Microsoft Surface Pro 5 and it has something to do with the device's operating system. Could it be true that Microsoft will come up with two variants of their 2-in-1 PC tablet? Read more details here!

What to Expect from Surface Pro 5?

Everyone is expecting to hear a few details on Surface Pro 5 during the Microsoft Event conducted on Oct. 26 but the Windows-maker remained tight-lipped about it. The silence from their end has gave rise to a new speculation that Microsoft might come up with two variants of Surface Pro 5, one that is Windows-based and the other one that runs Android OS.

However, despite the endless rumors rounding up Surface Pro 5, there are some possible features and specs that could possibly land in the new device. According to iDigital Times, Surface Pro 5 might end up running the newest Windows OS called Redstone that will be released in 2017 as well.

Furthermore, Surface Pro 5 is likely to address the battery draining issues of Surface Pro 4 though it was already addressed through patches. For this matter, Intel Kaby Lake processor is considered by Microsoft to add battery efficiency and high resolution on screen displays as well boosts in performance.

Moreover, Microsoft has reportedly filed a patent for Surface Pen support on Surface Pro 5. Based on the patent application, Surface Pen will be automatically charged when attached to the device that is akin to Apple Pencil's functionality, Tech Radar reported.

Surface Pro 4 On-Sale

The discounts offered for Surface Pro 4 strengthen the assumption that Surface Pro 5 is indeed arriving anytime soon. According to some reports, Surface Pro 4 with 256GB storage and 8GB of RAM with an original price of $1,299 will be on-sale during Black Friday in the amount of $1,076; 256GB storage with 16GB RAM and Core i7e processor will be sold at $1,498.99 from the original price of $1,799.  

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