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[WATCH HERE] ‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 67 & 68 Spoilers: Omniverse Tournament Will Took Place Following Merged Zamasu’s Death? [VIDEO]


The happenings in the upcoming episodes of "Dragon Ball Super" are very much anticipated by the fans most especially that an Omniverse Tournament is likely to happen following the reported death of merged Zamasu. Read more details here!

"Dragon Ball Super" Episode 67 Spoilers

In the 67th episode of "Dragon Ball Super," the super villain fusion of Zamasu and Black Goku have almost defeated by Son Goku and Trunks when the latter has suddenly disappeared and started covering the sky. According to Attack of the Fan Boy, Son Goku is about to give up when he found something in his pocket that could possibly be the key to defeating the merged Zamasu and Black Goku.

The same publication also stated that the final episode title will be "Fill Your Heart with New Hope! Farewell Trunks!" instead of the previously reported title "A Visit from Omni-King! Bye-Bye Zamasu!" Accordingly, the final episode title was seen in the cover page of Jump Magazine in Japan by a reliable DBS reporter who revealed in his twitter account that episode 6 will be aired on Nov. 20.

"Dragon Ball Super" Episode 68 Spoilers

The series will become more exciting most especially when an Omniverse Tournament will took place in the episode 68 of "Dragon Ball Super." According to some reports, Zeno has plans to destruct the two timelines created by Trunks but Son Goku will intervene and pleads to repair the damage caused by Zamasu and Black Goku; however, Zeno will only give in to Son Goku's request when the former and Universe 7 will win in the Omniverse Tournament.

"Dragon Ball Super" Draws High TV Ratings

The popularity of the Japanese series "Dragon Ball Super" has expanded as the TV series was reported to have gathered high TV ratings. According to Forbes, the series gathered a household rating of 6.2 that makes its leap to the 6th spot in the rankings together with the long-running One Piece anime.

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