Choker Designer Dana Lorenz Explains How Her Education Got Her To Work With Celebrities


Chokers are back and everyone in Hollywood is wearing it. Chokers were all the rage back in the 1990's. After a decade, the fad faded and fashionable jewelry moved to another direction.
But like most fashion trends, it tends to circle back to the past. And Fallon Jewelry Designer Dana Lorenz made that possible. It was her crystal embellished chokers that made the runways. She brought the old cult classic piece back to life and the likes of Gigi Hadid, Selena Gomez and Hailey Baldwin now sport the pieces.

Before Dana Lorenze became known for her work, like most people, she had to study. Before she was known for melding vintage items with a modern twist, she had an art degree.

Her fine arts training lead her to designing jewelry in the most unconventional way. She used materials that are modern and that enabled her to create integral designs in the market. During an interview with Teen Vogue, she explains that the name "Fallon" from her jewelry line came from a favorite 1980's drama TV show. It was the name of a rebellious daughter. And her unconventional works coincide with that personality.

Her education and art degree lead her to work with Gucci and Donna Karan. She was able to get updates on trend and fashion from these companies. As a jewelry designer, she needed to know what women want during that time and she can find that out by knowing what they shop.

Her advice to young, aspiring designers is to be real and ask questions. She stresses that everyone should not look around, but look forward instead and use your own point of view.

When asked about what her secret is to making a successful jewelry line, she says that it is all about inspiration. As a young woman, she has built up tons of ideas over the years since high school. She used to store magazine clippings back then. For her, it is all about timing the release of each design. Just like the choker.

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