’Rain Man’ Dustin Hoffman Teaches Secrets To Acting In MasterClass


He is known for his work in "Rain Man" and "The Graduate." But those movies are only two from the host of films he acted in in the last fifty years.

Dustin Hoffman is a veteran actor that has created memorable characters in the big screen. He is a two time Academy Award winner and for the first time is sitting down in a MasterClass to share the secrets of his trade.

Those who are willing to invest in less than a hundred dollars and five hours of their time can find themselves learning everything Hoffman learned in his tenure as an actor.

For those who are studying performing arts, theater, acting and similar arts, Dustin Hoffman offers 24 video lessons. These video lessons range from how to create memorable characters to method acting.

Here are just some of the things one can expect from the MasterClass.

1. Hoffman shares his experiences on what it is like to work with a co-star on the set of Jerry Maguire with the likes of Tom Cruise, Meryl Streep and Robert Redford.

2. The actor explains in one of the videos how relating to the character is important in order to achieve a great performance.

3. Every actor, at a certain point, suffers anxiety. Hoffman experiences the same and he shares his tips on how to manage those nerves and fears.

4. Even actors need to study. For him, he conducts researches in order to create a much more believable character. That in turn can become a memorable one.

5. The veteran actor shares his approach to reading and memorizing scripts.

6. Also known for his role in "Good Will Hunting," Hoffman stresses that being honest and brave can put you in the most painful positions. But it can be worth it.

7. And just because he is a famous actor, that doesn't mean he is exempted from auditions. The actor teaches MasterClass viewers about how to handle rejection and make that audition unique.

For $90.00, anyone can purchase Dustin Hoffman's MasterClass.

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