Study Filmmaking With Werner Herzog’s Master Class


Students who want to learn how to write scripts, work well with actors, choose set locations for filming and edit films, can get direct access to expert's advice. Get some advice for problems with self-financing, cinematography, story telling and even for those struggling with documentary interviews. Through director and film maker's Werner Herzog's Master Class, students, amateurs and even hobbyists can learn the secrets to the trade.

Most of the time, professionals would say that they wish they knew these things when they were just starting. Luckily, Herzog's Master Class has compiled the secrets to film making success.

When Herzog was just 19 years old, he stole a camera and was able to make his first movie. After multiple awards, movies, and nominations later, Herzog is hosting a Master Class that is focused on documentary and film making.

However, the class is not free. There are 26 video lessons available and is focused on some of the following items.

1. Teaching the viewer how to tell stories by careful film analysis and reading. Herzog sheares his mandatory reading list.

2. Script writing - Herzog reveals how one can be inspired to write scripts that captures his vision.

3. Financing the first movie can be difficult but Herzog stresses that one does not need millions of dollars to make a film.

4. The film maker also stresses that although filming is an art, it is also a business. He shares expert advice on how to get into the industry and protect your art.

5. He also shares shooting, filming strategies and cinematography tips when it comes to lighting, locations, camera techniques and more.

6. Filmmakers need to work with actors, sound and music. Werner Herzog shares tips on how to communicate your vision.

7. The director also shares his editing techniques and career strategies.

8. Lastly, he also shares his own experiences and life as a filmmaker. Learn how to survive doubt, rejection and struggles through his experiences.

 For $90.00, the Master Class is available online and is six hours long.

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