'Accountant' Actor Ben Affleck Hosted A Public Education Show As A Teenager


Celebrities often started their careers young. For example, musicians and artist would already be passionate about singing and playing their instruments at a young age. They would then involve themselves in competitions, classes, workshops, performances or even concerts.

Ben Affleck has a similar past when it comes to his acting career. But he confesses that there was a point that he did not know what he was doing.

Ben Affleck, who is known for his role as Batman in "Batman vs Superman" reveals that he used to be a TV show host for a public education TV show, cites Star Magazine. During an interview on the set of "The Graham Norton Show", the actor was busy promoting his new film "The Accountant." But he did not shy away from revealing a little about his past.

Norton surprised Affleck with a video footage that is a few decades old. Graham and his team was able to recover a video clip from a low budget show titled "The Voyage of the Mimi." And in that clip, Affleck was the public TV show host.

At the time, he was only a teenager. He recalls that he did have some training for his job. The show mainly focused on math and science. The tenured actor adds that he was a host for four years. He started the job when he was ten years old. He even confessed that he went to the UK to make a documentary about archaeology and Greenwhich Mean Time (GMT). He teases that he was thrilled to learn about the time difference but confessed that he didn't understand any of the topics he was hosting. He would end up half asleep in some of the documentary shots.

He describes himself as a gangly teenage TV show host and that the studio would always use a reaction shot where he would just nod and say "Yeah, yeah."

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