Christina Aguilera Teaches Vocals Through MasterClass


For those who are looking to have a career in music as an artist or as a producer, it pays well to know the tools and tricks to the trade.

Oftentimes, singers would say later in their career that they wish they knew certain things earlier on. Now, aspiring artists can learn these certain things earlier in their path to success. This was made possible by Christina Aguilera.

The artist is known for her big voice and she packs a lot of energy in such a small frame. For those looking to hone their craft in singing, Aguilera sits down to teach viewers about her unique vocal techniques.

This is the first time a Grammy award winner like Aguilera agreed to make three and a half hours of voice lessons and vocal exercises. Learn Christina Aguilera's strategies when it comes to her personal warm up exercises, breathing control and vocal range. She even shares how she creates her signature growl and breaks down her most popular songs.

The 23 video lessons jam packed in the three and a half hour MasterClass consists of just some of the following below:

1. Learn Aguilera's inspiration when it comes to her performances. She takes inspiration from artists like Nina Simone and Billie Holiday.

2. The artist explains how to use the voice as an instrument and provides tips on how to take better care of that voice. Plus, hear her explanation as to why diction is important.

3. The pop star also explains projection and teaches how to connect with listeners, and the audience, emotionally.

4. Sometimes, a singer would need to perform with a partner in a duet. Aguilera teaches MasterClass viewers on what to look for in a partner.

5. While there are many artists that lip sync, Aguilera teaches students how to use the live mic.

6. Every performer, at a certain point, suffers anxiety. Christina Aguilera experiences the same and she shares her tips on how to calm those nerves.

For $90.00, anyone can purchase Christina Aguilera's MasterClass.

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