Bill Nye: The Science Guy Lives And Breathes Science

By , UniversityHerald Reporter

Bill Nye is known for being the Science Guy. But not a lot of people know about his past. While he talks about the importance of science when it comes to education, not many know that he's been doing it for years.

Bill Nye does not just play a scientist on TV. He is an actual scientist and has involved himself with several projects inside and outside the classroom. The scientist strives to be a role model for science and his passion for the field is clear.

But did you know that he has been emphasizing the importance of STEM for decades? Aside from spending his time talking on television, he frequently joins National Science Teacher Association conferences.

No one can blame his passion for the subject. His own mother has been involved in science too. During the second World War, his mother (Jacqueline Jenkins-Nye) was so good at science and mathematics that the Navy enlisted her as a cryptographer. Cryptographers were used during the world war to crack Nazi codes and catch spies. According to Beliefnet, she is one of the several women recruited for the job. She believed that education, science and dedication play a part in life. Bill Hye said his mother taught him how to cook and relates it to chemistry.

And like most young boys at the time, he also wanted to become an astronaut. He applied to NASA's astronaut program for four times. But he was rejected every time. Eventually, he figured that it was the lack of a Ph.D that did not earn him the opportunity. But that did not stop his sense of humor. Although he did not land on Mars, he did have a hand in getting there. He designed the Mars Dial which calibrates color in pictures taken from Mars because the atmosphere's colors are different.

The funny scientist and teacher is now a household name. His background has helped him get there. Through it all, his mission is to make STEM a part of everyone's, especially children's, lives and dreams.

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