’The Social Network’ Director Aaron Sorkin Teaches Secrets To Screenwriting


Being a director can be hard work. For college, university, media, and performing (or similar) arts students who are majoring in film, directing one can be a challenge. For a man like Aaron Sorkin, screen writing is also a tough job.

However, someone has to do it. And Aaron Sorkin was able to do it successfully. Especially with "The Social Network" and "The West Wing" under his belt.

For aspiring screen writers and directors who are looking to have a career in film and television, Sorkin shares his secrets to a successful screen play or script. There are 35 videos available in his MasterClass. And here are just some of the things one can expect from Sorkin's MasterClass.

1. Sorkin shares that his work on "A Few Good Men" started out on cocktail napkins. The screen writer professional walks the viewers through the various steps on how to build and test a story idea.

2. The Academy Award winner is known for his written work on "The Social Network" and "The West Wing." Because of his drama work, the TV series are hits. He teaches how to build the "drive shaft."

3. His work on "Malice" stems from research. And Sorkin emphasizes that good research is the key to making a great script. He shares his lessons learned from "Malice" and "The Social Network."

4. Every story needs an audience. The director stresses that the audience is not just watching his work. He emphasizes that they are involved in it too.

5. Writers suffer from writer's block at a certain point. Sorkin has also had his fair share. He offers tips, tools and advice on how to get out from that rut.

Anyone can purchase director and screen writer Aaron Sorkin's MasterClass online. Sorkin hopes that his wisdom, for $90.00 and a few hours, will be carried by the students and viewers for the rest of their lives.

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