'Devil May Cry 5' News & Update: Rumors About Release Date Explained!; Will There Be A New DmC Game? [VIDEO]


Fans of the critically-acclaimed action-adventure hack and slash video game franchise, "Devil May Cry," have been waiting for a long time for any confirmation of the fifth installment to the series. As such, numerous sources went on to explain the various rumors regarding the game's release date to help fans put things into perspective.

Amongst the various rumors circulating around the web that had fans pondering on a release date for a "Devil May Cry 5" game, one of the most controversial would be the rumor spawned by a supposed "leak" of certain voice actor.

It was reported months ago that Norwegian voice actor, Nils Hognestad (known for his contribution in the "Backpackers" series and "Once Upon a Time"), was said to have listed the game "Devil May Cry 5" as part of the many roles in his resume, Vinereport learned.

However, it was later on removed from his resume. Despite this, there was a screenshot that got leaked onto the internet prior to the Hognestad's revision. The source noted that a screenshot of the supposed "Devil May Cry 5" indicated that Hognestad was supposed to play the lead role and that Capcom was suggested to have been part of the presumed list of employers.

Yet, no matter how delightful it would be for fans if this was true, the rumor has since then been debunked as Capcom never acknowledge nor confirmed this information.

As such, it was also reported that Capcom has actually responded to the rumors looming over a supposed "Devil May Cry 5," PlayStation Lifestyle noted.

It was stated by the source that a representative from the game's studio responded to a fan's inquiry by saying that they are focused on developing "Dead Rising 4." Moreover, a tweet from the Twitter account of Capcom Vancouver stated that it wasn't a game that the company has announced that they've been focused on.

It was also reported by PlayStation Lifestyle that Ninja Theory, the developers behind the "Devil May Cry" franchise, is hard at work with "Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice."

For now, it seems that fans can only sit tight and wait for any legitimate news confirming a "Devil May Cry 5" in development.

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