'Fallout 5' Rumored Development & Release Date Clarified; Speculations On New Locations Detailed! [VIDEO]


Gamers and avid fans of the well-renowned video game franchise, "Fallout," were riddled as rumors circulated around regarding the development of "Fallout 5" being confirmed as well as its release date. However, it seems that these fans can finally put their minds at ease as these rumors have finally been debunked, as stated by sources.

It was not too long ago when this rumor sparked all over creating a buzz among the fans of the franchise. For those who have keenly followed the news, regarding rumors of a possible "Fallout 5" in development, the issue all started when Ryan Alosio (who is known for being the voice actor behind the game's character, Deacon) mentioned on his Instagram account the possibility of a "Fallout 5" in the works by its developer, Bethesda, Frag Hero reported.

As such, the source went on in an interview with Ryan Alosio to discuss and clarify the rumors that befell on "Fallout 5" about its development and release date.

It was reported that the voice actor had actually intended to interact with his fans, through a series of posts on his Instagram account, while staying in character as Deacon (whom fans of the game know is a notorious prankster).

In an interview conducted by Frag Hero, the voice actor elaborated that his intention was merely to interact with the fans, not only as himself but as the main character (Deacon) from "Fallout 4." He also went on to remind the fans that the character is known as a notorious liar, prankster and dissembler in the world of "Fallout."

In the same interview, Ryan Alosio has definitely clarified that the rumors revolving around a "Fallout 5" in development and its release date were never true. There was a case of miscommunication between him and the fans, and certain things were lost in translation, as stated by the source.

Yet, though these rumors have finally been clarified, fans of the critically-acclaimed franchise could not help but speculate about the possible new locations for "Fallout 5," if it would eventually be released.

The first possible location on the fans' list would be New York, as listed by Inverse. The source mentioned therein that it would be a logical choice to pick it as the new location since it would tie-up seamlessly with the locations of the previous installments of the franchise.

Next on the list would be Portland, where the source noted would be a fitting location for a more in-depth exploration for the players. It's geographic layout would be the perfect setting for a more outdoors-look in the game.

The source even went on to list London as possible new location for fifth installment of the game. Yet, no matter where the game would take place, fans cannot wait for "Fallout 5" to be released in the near future.

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