‘Voltron Legendary Defender' News: Live-Action Film Scrapped If Giant Mecha Genre Tanks? [VIDEO]


Sources indicated that the "Voltron" live-action movie might not get off the script stage if viewership for the giant mecha genre declines. If that happens, it wouldn't be the first movie to get torpedoed by the brass before filming actually began.

Universal Pictures, the new owners of DreamWorks Animation, appear to bide their time. They aren't afraid of going big on the silver screen.

However, the joint production of "Pacific Rim" might have left them a little hesitant about the mecha genre. They are waiting to see the box office revenues of the new "Power Rangers," "Transformers: The Last Knight" and "Pacific Rim: Maelstrom," Collider reported.

This would be a shame as renowned Screenwriter David Hayter was revealed to be working on the project. His work promises to appeal to the tastes of die-hard fans while maintaining a strong degree of mainstream appeal. His past works included "Watchmen" and the first two "X-men" movies, CinemaBlend reported.

"Voltron" definitely has that nostalgia factor. Fans from 80s and 90s programming agree that the franchise was long over-due for a live-action remake. Also, the viewers' interests have been piqued by the recent release of "Voltron Legendary Defender." Some say the latter played a large role in the resurgence of the franchise's popularity.

"Voltron's" story follows a team of astronauts who discovered powerful vehicles that combine into a massive legendary robot called Voltron. This team uses the robot to battle villainous aliens and protect the citizens of the universe.

The updated adaptation "Voltron Legendary Defender" was funded by Netflix. It was aimed at children and adult viewers alike. Moreover, it drew heavily on its Japanese roots giving deep-dyed fans a treat.

A second season of "Voltron Legendary Defender" was announced by Netflix. It is slated for release on Jan. 20 next year and attests to the title's new-found popularity.

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