‘Mr. Robot’ Spoilers, News, Update: What To Expect in ‘Mr. Robot’ Season 3; Real World Tie-In? [VIDEO]


The previous season of "Mr. Robot" was a mental roller-coaster, as viewers would have it, and it ended with a bang. Now, Season 3 of the series is on the horizon and is expected by fans to be just as mind-blowing with current events being used in the plot.

The finale of season 2 showed Elliot (Emmy Award winner Rami Malek) getting shot; his sister, Darlene (Carly Chaikin), getting pinched by the FBI and that Tyrell Wellick (Martin Wallström) is alive and kicking. Also, the episode revealed Mr. Robot's (Golden Globe winner Christian Slater) plan for Phase 2, which is to blow-up an Evil Corp. building housing their paper records.

For fans who were wondering about Angela's (Portia Doubleday) motivations, Sam Esmail, the creator of the show, told Variety that it was made purposefully unclear. She is a character in the gray area seen in the finale siding with the Dark Army. This is a plot point they will continue using to keep viewers guessing.

He also said that fans might see more of Leon (Joey Bada$$) who appears in the finale's epilogue with unknown intentions. Trenton (Sunita Mani) and Mobley (Azhar Khan) was made to look like they have escaped the FBI, however, their fates are yet to be revealed during season 3.

Real-World events will also be introduced into the story. These might include events leading up to the 2016 November election, Deadline reported.

Esmail told Deadline that the atmosphere and sentiments surrounding Donald Trump becoming the Republican nominee is going to be used in the third season. The economic collapse in the "Mr. Robot" universe will amplify this, "happening like a slow car accident." There will be several overlaps including the increased terrorism and domestic violence happening today.

"Mr. Robot" season 3 is expected to come out some time in 2017.

Here is the preview for last season's finale:

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