Best Selling Author James Patterson Offers Advice To Aspiring Writers


Writing is a skill. And to be able to create a book and a novel that is also a No. 1 New York Times Best Seller is a test of talent. Which is why author James Patterson is sharing his book secrets in an exclusive MasterClass.

His MasterClass is for literature, writing, art students and even for those who are writing as a form of a hobby. Patterson knows that it is not just about writing a story line. As an author who has written 19 books that are all No. 1 New York Times best sellers consecutively, he knows how to write a great book. James Patterson offers twenty two video lessons that revolves around how to write character dialogues, creating these characters and how to keep readers engaged.

Surrounded by his books, Patterson discusses some of the items below in his MasterClass video.

1. There are writers who write professionally and there are some who write out of passion. For Patterson, it is important to get into the right mindset. The writer offers tips on how to keep writers productive and motivated to write.

2. To make a great book, James teaches how to determine if a story or idea is worth writing. There are several techniques involved in making a great story. With his tips, writers can decipher which raw ideas are the good ones versus the less compelling ideas.

3. The plot is essential to all books, stories and novels. In this video lesson, James exclusively shares his approach on how to get the readers engaged.

4. Known not only for his best-sellers, he is also known for his short and witty chapters. He teaches students about how to use an outline as a road map in building chapters.

5. A good book can only be recognized as great only if it has a supporting publisher. James Patterson used his knowledge in advertising when he published his first book. Find out his publishing secrets in his exclusive MasterClass.

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