Waite High School’s Amed Issa Wants To Work For NASA


A student from Waite High School has huge plans ahead of him. After graduation, this particular student is keen on working for NASA.

A high school student already has his eyes set on his future. Amed Issa is already prepared for it, too. According to his teachers, he is already involved in tons of athletics and extra curricular clubs in school. They foresee that he is going to have a great future ahead of him.

He carries with him a bag of trail mix and chooses Calculus as his favorite subject. While his hobbies and likes include the 21 pilots and "That's So 70's", he has big dreams. And his dream includes meeting Usain Bolt and Coach Alex Carter in the near future.

Amed Issa likes to work on engines and other types of technical contraptions. Which is most likely why his goal is to be a space shuttle pilot after his enrollment in NROTC. After his high school life, he is planning to go to Ohio State University and take a course in aerospace engineering. He shows his passion for service after placing eighth place in the nation for Army Exhibition. He calls this his top accomplishment.

He already knows what he wants to be, cites Toledo Blade. After college life, he is going to become an officer in the Marine Corp. Once there, he is going to enroll in some professional flight training so he can become a jet pilot and at the same time get his certification as an aircraft mechanic. Once he is able to do that, he is going to apply as a space shuttle pilot or work for NASA in their Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

Issa still has a long way to go to reach his dream but his preparation in high school will catapult him into college and NROTC. From there he will be involving himself in classes, researches and activities, like most college students, to prepare him for his dream job in NASA.

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