[WATCH] ‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 67 Plot Summary Revealed; Zamasu Shocking Transformation, Goku Found Something in His Pocket! [VIDEO]


Fans are super excited for the upcoming episodes of "Dragon Ball Super" most especially when episode 67 plot summary has been revealed. Find out the shocking transformation of Zamasu and the mysterious thing inside the pocket of Son Goku!

"Dragon Ball Super" Episode 67 Plot Summary

"Dragon Ball Super" Episode 67 has a presumed title "A Visit from Omni-king! Bye-Bye Zamasu" is reported to have been revealed a short preview on its plot summary and a finalized title. According to Attack of the Fan Boy, a reliable DBS reporter and avid fan has posted an episode preview in his Twitter account saying that the title episode would be "Fill Your Heart with New Hope! Farewell Trunks."

The short preview of the plot summary has Trunks as fueled by the hopes for humanity has almost defeated Zamasu but the latter has transformed into something invisible started to fill-out the sky while losing his physical body. On the other hand, Goku has been trying so hard to attack Zamasu only to find out that the villain has gone and when he thought of giving up the fight, he discovered something in his pocket.

It can be recalled that in "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 65, Zamasu and Black Goku have reportedly fused using their Potara earrings that gave birth to mega villain that is powerful and destructive. In Episode 66, Super Saiyan Vegito and Gogeta were introduced.  

"Dragon Ball Super" Episode 67 Air Date

Accordingly, the said episode preview was featured in Jump Magazine published in Japan. Furthermore, the reliable DBS reporter with Twitter handle @Herms98 also revealed that "Dragon Ball Super" episode 67 will be air in November 20.

"Dragon Ball Super" English Dub  

Toei Animation and Funimation have confirmed that the English Dub for "Dragon Ball Super" Episodes 1 to 10 and 47 to 64 have already uploaded to the library, IGN reported. English subtitles for Episodes 11 to 46 are still on going and will be added once they are done.  

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