‘Final Fantasy XV’ News & Updates: How to Download FFXV Demo Disc with English Version on PS4, Xbox One? [VIDEO]


"Final Fantasy XV" demo disc called "Judgment Disc" was released in Japan yesterday and everyone was surprised upon learning about the PS4 Pro support. The demo disc is in Japanese language but there is an English version of the demo disc that can be downloaded to PS4 and Xbox One. See the details here!

"Final Fantasy XV" Demo Disc English Version

Time constraints is said to be the reason why there is no localized version of "Final Fantasy XV" demo disc that was released in Japan yesterday. However, there is an English version circulating in the internet lately about the gameplay in which options are translated.

While the players did not found it difficult to deal with the Japanese version of "Final Fantasy XV" demo disc, Dual Shockers has made an extra effort to translate the options of the gameplay for the benefit of everyone. To help the players personalized the gameplay, the website has posted few screenshots and have them translated into English version.

The site has translated the options under the following settings: sound, speaker, subtitles, brightness, controller, camera control, vertical direction, horizontal direction, battle camera distance and navigation map both for PS4 and Xbox One. In addition, the site has also translated the Image Quality Settings for PS4 Pro which has become the least expected added feature.

 "Final Fantasy XV" Release Date for PS4 and Xbox One

There are some rumors suggesting that Square Enix is heading towards cancellation of the said date due to bugs and glitches discovered by the players on the "judgment Disc" but the company is said to rollout patches to address the issues, according to Silicon Era. There are speculations arise that the demo disc was not fully taken from the final version of the game but from the earlier build.

In conclusion, Nov. 29 remains the legit date for the rolling out of "Final Fantasy XV" to PS4 and Xbox One.

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