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NES Classic Edition: Why People Are Angry; XBox Exec Got “Irrationally Angry” [Video]


Nintendo brought back a miniaturized iteration of the Nintendo Entertainment Edition (NES), but its return is causing quite a stir among fans of the classic console that even an XBox executive had to join the fray.

Great excitement was generated among Nintendo fans when it was announced earlier this year that the company is bringing back the NES gaming console in a miniaturized form and calling it the NES Classic Edition. The NES Classic was rolled out early Friday morning, Nov. 11 and reportedly was sold out within minutes, according to The Verge.

The demand for the NES Classic was so overwhelming that even Amazon, where the $59.99 game console was also available, reportedly crashed. What followed was a multitude of tweets where people vented out their frustrations and disappointment over the unavailability of the unit.

One such person is general manager of Microsoft Studios Publishing, Shannon Loftis, Tweeted she is "irrationally angry" at not being able to snag a NES Classic citing why Nintendo short-baked the console.

Sports Columnist Bill Simmons also vented out his frustration on Twitter. He reportedly couldn't find one in Los Angeles and wished Nintendo made more NES Classic Edition available to customers.

The NES Classic Edition instantly become a "hot item" that eBay exploded with scalpers who bought units seconds after it was dropped only to resell their units online for profit within the $200 to $500 range. One unscrupulous hawker listed one unit at $4,999, and it sold.

Nintendo America on its part assured customers that the company is addressing the issue and working hard to keep up with consumer demand for the NES Classic Edition and that more consoles will be available through the Christmas season and into the new year.

More about the Nintendo NES Classic in the video below.

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