Nintendo’s Retro Gaming Vault: A Treasure Trove of Gaming Memorabilia [Video]


Starting from hand produced hanafuda (flower cards) cards in 1889, Nintendo has become one of the most prominent entities in the video gaming industry.

Nintendo's Japanese site posted some images taken at its Kyoto warehouse. Among its stash is the original Family Computer a counterpart of the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), Famicom Disk System still pristine and in their boxes, and a rare kiosk style Disk Writer.

The disk system was an add-on that allowed the Family Computer console to play Disk Cards. These rewritable Disk Cards, for those who can still remember, looks like conventional zip disks used in zip drives from Iomega way back in 1994. The disks can be re-written with new games by popping into a convenience store and using the disk writing machines. The system was scrapped when Nintendo found a way to increase the capacity of their cartridges.

The little peek inside was said to be in celebration of The Legend of Zelda's 30th anniversary. According to Slash Gear, one way for Nintendo to celebrate the occasion a little differently is by giving a peek in its gaming vault to have a look at some vintage hardware. If there are consoles, there must be hard to find game cartridges in there too.

In the pictures shown, one box was opened to show the pristine condition of the vintage machines. One set was attached to a conventional television we all had back then, and behold, it still works.

Click here to rare peek and see some of the goodies shown by Nintendo. Endgadget says the photos show a taste of the company's history. Nintendo has a lot of products during those times. Looking at the photos, one wonders what other treasures there could be in that storage warehouse. There could be a mint condition 1st Generation Gameboy, the complete line of the extremely popular Nintendo Game & Watch, and more. One can only dream.

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