Sega Genesis Still Rules Gaming Consoles in Brazil, Rivals Modern PS4 in Sales [Video]


Who would have thought that 16-bit gaming and the console it runs on still exists? Apparently, Brazil is one place where gamers can still buy and play these games on a retro Sega Genesis gaming console.

The Sega Genesis also known as the Sega Mega Drive outside the U.S. was launched in 1989. The original Sega Genesis was one of the best 16-bit gaming consoles the was during its time. Most hardcore gamers would probably scoff at the idea of playing on a 16-bit gaming console today, but not in Brazil.

Apparently, the Sega Genesis is still the dominant gaming console in Brazil, according to Gizmondo. The demand for the retro console is so high that a company called Tectoy announced that it will begin manufacturing the game console in Brazil, licensed by Sega of course.

Not only does the Sega Genesis sell well, but its predecessor the Sega Master System does too. Both retro units reportedly sell about 150,000 units per year in Brazil to this day, said the report.

That is quite a feat for a game console that is more than 25 years old. In this day and age where even a smartphone can produce better graphics, physics, sound and complexity in a modern game app. Not discounting the stunning games being offered today that is played on Xboxes, Playstations, and Nintendo's.

Sega Genesis sales in Brazil are comparable to Playstation 4 game consoles sold in the country today. Slash Gear reported that Tectoy was the console's manufacturer during its heyday, seemingly they were still at it even past the console's popularity. Various iterations of the product were even introduced over the years as well as the launch of new games for the retro machine.

The new consoles will have 22 games pre-installed and will be shipped with eh original style 3 button controller. The new Sega Genesis are exact replicas of the original except there is now an SD slot. Support for A/V cables is still present but no HDMI and reportedly costs $138.00.

It is not that there are no new modern game consoles in Brazil but their appetite for old school Sega Games and consoles just won't stop and miraculously being supported all these decades.

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