Nintendo Switch: What We Know About The Nintendo Switch So Far [Video]


We all know that NX is now the Nintendo Switch, aside from that, almost every detail is still under wraps. During Nintendo's financial briefing, the company announced that everything we would like to know about Nintendo Switch will be revealed on Jan. 12, 2017.

Coming from a lot of sources, there are a lot of features the Nintendo Switch has that Nintendo is still keeping quiet about. The list below is what we know about Switch - so far.

The Screen

The screen is 6.2-inches with a resolution of 720p and is a capacitive 10-point multi-touch screen - a first for any Nintendo device. 3DS and Wii U have single point touchscreens that relied on pressure and less precise according to Eurogamer

The Controllers

We know the Nintendo Switch has detachable controllers mentioned above as Joy-Cons that can be detached from the main console and can be slot onto a separate base called the Joy-Con Grip. Each Joy-Con can, however, be used separately to play multiplayer games. And of course, another option is to use the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller.

It is also confirmed, users will be able to use multiple controllers with the Nintendo Switch allowing more people to play. Further, not only can you play multiplayer, but you can connect multiple consoles together for a local multiplayer experience, with each player using their own screen.

What's under the hood?

The Nintendo Switch is powered by a custom-made Nvidia Tegra processor. Nvidia announced that the architecture used in the Switch is the same as that of their GeForce gaming cards. What sets it apart is that it has fully customized software, a revamped physics engine, new API's and NVN's that further enhances hardware-accelerated video playback/rendering and audio effects.


It is certain we will see the new Zelda: Breath of the Wild, a new Mario game, a Pokémon game is also said to be in the works. What got people excited was seeing Skyrim, but there is no confirmation if they will be part of Nintendo Switch's library when it is finally launched.

 A list of partners already signified developing games for the Nintendo Switch according to ExpertReviews. but for now, we can only speculate until January 12 when everything is announced including its price.

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