‘Hyrule Warriors: Legends’ Gets New DLC Characters Related To Past Game Title [VIDEO]


Nintendo and Koei Tecmo have recently announced new DLC characters for "Hyrule Warriors: Legends." The 3DS version will also get new DLCs like costumes, a new mode, and many more.

According to the official Japanese website of the video game, two new characters have been added to "The Legend of Zelda" spinoff. This will be available on both Wii U and 3DS. The game company has also launched a new video, which can be viewed below.

The first new character to be added to the roster of the video game is Yuga and his magic wand. He is an evil sorcerer and wants to resurrect Ganon using his power to rule the worlds of Hyrule and Lorule. He uses his weapon to attack in both close and range battles against numerous opponents.

The second new character to be added to the roster is the mysterious, yet funny, shopkeeper Ravio. He wields a hammer in this game for melee combat, but it looks like it is too heavy for him. He also uses a boomerang, bombs, and an ice rod in a unique range combo attack.

According to another post on the official Japanese website of "Hyrule Warriors: Legends," the new DLC will include a new map for it. It will be based on Lorule, which is the dark world version of Hyrule.

The new map will have a new adventure battle and two new challenge battle scenarios. Players will need to revisit this map to get additional hearts and high-ranked weapons for the new additional characters.

The new DLC will feature 17 costumes and 15 Fairy Wear outfits for characters to wear in the video game. These costumes can be worn by Midna, Kid Link, Ruto, Fi, and Agitha.

The costume and new map DLCs for "Hyrule Warriors: Legends" will only be available for the Nintendo 3DS. The A Link Between Worlds Pack DLC can be bought for $6.99 for 3DS, and $4.99 for Wii U.

Check out the "Hyrule Warriors: Legends" new DLC trailer video below:

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