‘Clash Of Clans’ December Update Rumored To Include New Units, Sea Monsters, Shipyard [VIDEO]


The December update of "Clash of Clans" is rumored to have new units, sea monsters to boost the air and sea defenses, and a shipyard. The Fair Play rule has been implemented to prevent exploits.

"Clash of Clans" December update rumored to include new red units

According to the official website of Reddit, a member has submitted several images that showed the different units that might be added to "Clash of Clans" in its upcoming December update. It included two heroes that got a new red theme, which are the Red Barbarian King and the Red Archer Queen. The member speculated that they will be part of the next red event in December.

"Clash of Clans" new Barbarian King Decoration

The leak included a new Barbarian King decoration, which mobile gaming players can buy inside "Clash of Clans" for 500 Gems only. It might also appear on the next red event that will happen next month.

"Clash of Clans" new looks for units, air defense, and air sweeper

The Reddit member revealed the seemingly new looks for a few units of "Clash of Clans," but there was no new level revealed together with it. These units are the Golems, Hog Riders, and Wall Breakers. The leak also revealed the new looks for the new levels of the aerial defenses, which are Air Defense level 9 and Air Sweeper Level 7.

"Clash of Clans" ships sprites, ship, shipyard, and possible sea monsters

Some of the contents in the leak were the images of a shipwreck, and a ship that might get included in the December update of "Clash of Clans." This could possibly introduce sea defense and invasions in the mobile game. It is also speculated that sea monsters can be recruited to increase the defenses of the base.

"Clash of Clans" Fair Play usage

In other "Clash of Clans" related news, Supercell will still continue to ban the accounts that will use third party software to exploit the game. This time around, any clan member or clan that will attempt exploits will be barred from Clan Wars for 14 days. According to the official website of the mobile game, these suspensions are non-negotiable and it will apply for the entire Clan, which is why the company is warning members to change Clans if their current one is doing something illegal.

Check out "Clash of Clans" Introducing Army Training and Quick Train video below:

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