‘EVE Online: Ascension’ Introduces Engineering Complexes, New Player Experience; Clone States Revealed [VIDEO]

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"EVE Online: Ascension" will introduce new engineering complexes, new player experience and many more in next week's update. The expansion will also introduce the Clone States feature.

"EVE Online: Ascension" Engineering Complexes explained

According to the official website of "EVE Online," it will introduce a new class of player built structure called the Engineering Complexes. This set of structures will add industrial capabilities for players that are able to build and maintain.

The new player experience in "EVE Online: Ascension"

Players will be able to experience a new introduction to "EVE Online's" fundamental mechanics. This will be the first phase of their revised new player experience. They will be guided by a fully voice acted pilot mentor through their first steps into the space of New Eden.

"EVE Online: Ascension's" Command Bursts

To replace the existing Warfare Link system, "EVE Online: Ascension" will introduce the Command Bursts system in their November release. These modules can be fitted to any ship that currently has the Warfare Links, and allow ships with these modules to boost their fleet numbers in a specific area.

New additions and changes with "EVE Online: Ascension"

With the introduction of the Command Burst modules in "EVE Online: Ascension," fleet boosts will no longer be ruled by hierarchy and any fleet member can provide bonuses to any member within range. Tactical destroyers will get a balance pass that levels the playing field more. Players can also plan the perfect ship with the addition of the fitting simulator.

Addition of Clone States with "EVE Online: Ascension" expansion

According to the official dev blog of "Eve Online," the Clone States will be properly introduced in the next Ascension expansion. This allows players to play for free as an Alpha clone for as long as they want. With the New Player Experience overhaul, it will make it easier for other players who are new to this game on how to play it.

Check out the "EVE Online" Introducing Clone States video below:

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