‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Gets New Shotaro Bike; New DEADLINE Mode Revealed [VIDEO]


Rockstar Games has introduced the new Shotaro bike in "Grand Theft Auto V" recently. The game will also get the new DEADLINE mode together with other special bonuses.

"GTA V's" new Shotaro bike

According to the official website of Rockstar Games, players will be able to gain access to the latest motorcycle called the Nagasaki Shotaro bike in "Grand Theft Auto V." The motorbike can achieve hyper speed and it has a futuristic look, which looks like the one from "Tron." It will be available now from the Legendary Motorsport.


According to the official website of "Grand Theft Auto V," this is the latest adversary mode that players can gain access in the new content released by Rockstar Games. In this mode, there will four players who will race around a custom map on Shotaro bikes with a temporary light trail emitting on the back. The contestants who will come into contact with the light will explode.

The lights emitted by the riders will each have a different color to distinguish them. The match will also have different power-ups for them to get like boosts, time slow, and many more. The Hop item is important due to its effect, which lets the biker jump over an opponent's light trail.

The new DEADLINE mode is currently available in "GTA Online." Double GTA$ and RP are being offered by Rockstar Games to encourage players to try it out, but the promo will end on Nov. 21.

"GTA V" online multiplayer discounts

In other "Grand Theft Auto V" related news, Rockstar Games has revealed that players will be able to earn an extra 50 percent GTA$ and double RP for Biker Business sales. For properties, the Biker Business content is now 25 percent off, some of the vehicles have discounts like the Karin Technical, and some weapons were discounted like Bullet ammo for 25 percent off.

The game studio announced that the latest Premium race will be called the Over the Bridge stunt race and players will need to ride bikes. Those who participate will get triple RP, while the runner ups will get a lot of GTA$.

Check out the "GTA V" DEADLINE video below:

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