Celebrity Exam Tutors Only In Hong Kong


Studying for any type of tests or exams can already be overwhelming especially for students who are not as well versed on the subject matter. And it can be more stressful if they are already cramming for an exam that is happening in a short period of time.

While this is the nature of school and studies, in Hong Kong, exam preparation is considered to be a business. Almost every country has a tutorial agency or center ready to assist students in need of guidance. But the Modern Education's Hong Kong centers have a different style and strategy.

Once a student enters the center, he or she immediately gets drawn in by the look and feel of a movie theater lobby. But the kick is, the matinee idols in the posters are not movie stars, they are tutors, cites NY Times. Granted they are not the real celebrity in question, but they can be close to the real thing. The center's employees dress up like the celebrity they portray, and advertisements of their impersonation are being posted everywhere in the city.

Hong Kong's education center is trying to get their students engaged plus encourage them to try their business. Exam preparation is a business that Hong Kong is fiercely tapping. According to University of Hong Kong's Professor Mark Bray, he explains that the celebrity tutors have found a formula that works in today's time. Bray is a professor of comparative education and he notes that the strategy is industrialized and fit for mass production.

Modern Education has over fifty centers in the country and Hong Kong students' futures are now resting on the hands of celebrity tutors. It includes the hope of reducing student anxiety and promote educational growth. This business strategy is particularly focused on helping students pass the major standardized test that they need to take every year.

Do you think the stress of exams will be lesser with a celebrity impersonator tutoring? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section.

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