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Demi Lovato, Jay Z And Coldplay Joins Global Citizen Festival In India To Support Education, Equality And Sanitation


Celebrities and artists are coming out of the wood work to help fight poverty not just in their respective countries but also around the world. One of the most visible celebrities are Emma Watson and Angelina Jolie. Both are UN Ambassadors and they are using their voice and Hollywood status to elevate issues surrounding the women and children affected by war, poverty and disease everywhere.

But Emma Watson and Angelina Jolie are not the only celebrities that are fighting for a good cause. Singers and artists are also rallying to support education, raise awareness about equality and promote sanitation campaigns. This is the aim of the Global Citizen Festival. Last year, the festival featured John Legend, Foo Fighters and more in support of the various causes.

Thanks to Prime Minister Narendra, Global Citizen CEO Hugh Evans was able to work with him to bring the Festival to India.

Which is why Jay Z, Demi Lovato and Coldplay are teaming up for the first Global Citizen Festival in India, set on November 16, 2016. This is especially memorable for Coldplay and Jay Z as this will be their first performance in India. As a special feature, actor Aamir Khan is also joining the event along with actor Farhan Akhtar and Oscar-winning composer A.R Rahman.

The Global Citizen Festival, cites Star Magazine, offers free tickets to fans who sign up to be part of the event. By signing up with Global Citizen, fans help the charity and offer their support for the benefit of education, equality and sanitation for the community. In partnership with the Miracle Foundation, the organization will help build education funds and scholarships for the children.

To make this goal possible, the event will open up a crowd funding project in order to raise funds for orphaned children. The proceeds from the crowd funding project will go straight to 25 children's homes in India.

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