Want A LinkedIn Career? Find Out The Perks Inside The Company


Most students already have a career path in mind prior to graduating. Some would start preparing themselves as early as childhood. While others would prepare themselves during their college or university years when they figure out what kind of direction they want to take.

Most students would figure that out when they start interning for companies or when they start getting exposed to the various companies or job roles related to their field. During that time, they would see the perks of the job.

LinkedIn also has some perks up its sleeve. A few writers visited the LinkedIn Manhattan office and found some neat advantages when working for a company like LinkedIn, cites The Insider. While there are too many to mention, here are the most memorable ones:

1. LinkedIn has its own movie theater. Every Friday, there is a movie screening where employees can enjoy the latest films or play a game of FIFA.

2. While some offices have vending machines that dispense nuts and chips, LinkedIn's vendo dispenses chargers and other gadgets. And it's free.

3. Workers don't need to pack lunch for work. Breakfast and lunch are being catered daily.

4. And if employees have had their fill of free food for the day, they can burn those calories at the gym. Or they can take a breather and do some yoga on the side.

5. The Manhattan site even has a library for their book loving employees.

6. And while work is a priority at the office, they do not forget to have fun. The floor has a foosball table, a karaoke machine and even a pool table.

7. And when the day ends, they do not need to go out to the corner pub to wind down. They can enjoy their happy hours at the office's speakeasy.

LinkedIn is only one company out of the many out there that offers perks like these. Google has a bigger space for fun and relaxation. Companies like these want to ensure the well-being of their employees in order to produce good results.

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