'Dishonored 2' Launch Trailer Released! Pre-order Timezones Detailed! [VIDEO]


Fans are titillated as more and more information and previews have been released regarding the upcoming "Dishonored 2." As such, the latest launch trailer recently arrived for the highly-anticipated sequel. Moreover, fans can get the game early on as the major timezones regarding the pre-order release are detailed, according to sources.

It was recently reported that Bethesda Softworks, the publisher behind the critically-acclaimed "Dishonored" franchise, has released the launch trailer for its upcoming sequel, Gamespot reported.

The source also went on to caution fans who intend to go into the game with zero to no experience at all. This was due to the fact that the launch trailer for "Dishonored 2" depicts some graphic and violent scene, as well as a preview of some of the character's special abilities.

Despite the scenes portrayed in the launch trailer, many of the fans are already aware of the sequel's plot. It was previously reported that the story for "Dishonored 2" will be set 15 years after the conclusion of the first installment, wherein fans will get a glimpse of Emily as a trained assassin, courtesy of Corvo from the first installment of the franchise, University Herald has learned.

Moreover, fans who have been following every news about the the development of the sequel will also be familiar of the new features that Corvo has received in "Dishonored 2," University Herald previously noted.

In other news, details of the major timezones regarding the pre-order release of the game have been detailed, which would allow fans to purchase the game well ahead according to their location, PCGamesN reported.

It was stated by PCGamesN that the game is region-split when it comes to its release time. As such, the game's midnight release will be relative as to one's location is.

Hence, the source goes on to list the following timezones to help fans: 1) USA's EST midnight will be 9 PM for those in the PST region, 2) Europe's GMT midnight will be at 1 AM CET, and lastly 3) India's JMT midnight will most likely be the same to countries in the Oceania region as well.

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