'Skyrim Special Edition' News & Update: Released Screenshots On PS4 Looking Great But Is The Game Still Buggy? [VIDEO]


A timeless tale like no other, 'The Elde Scrolls V: Skyrim" had fans agreeing that it is one of the best role-playing games released. As such, Bethesda Softworks has recently launched a remastered version of the game available to the latest consoles in the current market. Screenshots and several footage of the game have showcased a noticeable difference in aesthetics, especially in the capable features of the PS4 Pro. However, critics have been nitpicking the latest "Skyrim Special Edition" as being as buggy as its original iteration, according to sources.

Bethesda Softworks recently launched the "Skyrim Special Edition" this October to all three Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, and the PlayStation 4, which (on top of the improvements in graphics) included all of the downloadable contents (DLC) of the game and a support for modding the game.

With the timely release of Sony's PS4 Pro, more screenshots and in-game footage were also unveiled that showcased the remastered version in the capable hands of the latest PlayStation console. Some screenshots were uploaded by a Twitter user, Juniper Roth, that featured the game looking sharper than ever, DualShockers reported.

Despite the aesthetic improvement that the "Skyrim Special Edition" has to offer, some critics are still debating as to whether the remastered version is worth picking up, University Herald learned. The source noted that when it came to the just the graphical improvements, it is a definite step up to console gamers but a debatable topic when it came to PC players who have heavily modded the original game.

Going into the deeper levels of the game's performance, some are still criticizing the game as being as buggy as its original version, Eurogamer stated. The source concluded in its review that despite the graphical improvement "Skyrim: Special Edition" has to offer, bugs and glitches (like clipping issues) are still present in the game, which is something they hoped Bethesda would have addressed in the remastered version.

It all boils down as to how fans look at it, but it is safe to draw from these critics that the "Skyrim: Special Edition" is looking good on the PS4 Pro.

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