'Dishonored 2' New Trailer Features Corvo; Bethesda On Their New Media-Review Policy [VIDEO]


Fans are on the tip of their toes as "Dishonored 2" is about to hit the shelves when it hits its release date come Nov. 11. As such, a new trailer was recently unveiled that features one of the franchise's main character, Corvo. With the launching of the game soon, Bethesda has also taken on a new policy with regard to releasing media-review copies of the game.

"Dishonored 2" is the latest sequel to the acclaimed stealth action-adventure game by Arkane Studios. Fans are well aware that the plot is set fifteen years since the conclusion of the first installment. The latest trailer now features Corvo and the improvements made on his abilities, Gamespot reported.

In an interview with director Harvey Smith, it was stated that they wanted to experience how Corvo felt like with a voice, the same publication noted. Smith went on to say that after fifteen years since the Rat Plague, Corvo is still pondering on how he can protect Emily from all the threats to the throne.

The director described the main character as an experienced and wise man at the later stages of his life. He said that the portrayal of Corvo is both tough and thoughtful at the same time.

Moreover, the trailer features the improvements made on Corvo's abilities, such as the upgrade made on his Possession that allows him to hide inside corpses, Gamesradar has learned. It also showcased the improvement of Corvo's rat swarm skill, which now allows the players to control more than one plague.

In other news, the publisher of the game, Bethesda, has also taken upon a new policy with regards to it releasing media-review copies of the game. It was also detailed over at Bethesda's official website that they are releasing the media-review copies a day before a game's launch.

This new policy will be applied to the upcoming releases for both "Skyrim Special Edition" and "Dishonored 2"  because Bethesda wants the media and their fans to experience the game at the same time.

Regardless as to how the media and the fans will view this new policy, everyone has their eyes on the upcoming release of "Dishonored 2."

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