'Dishonored 2' Taking On a New Release Date Policy? Gameplay Of Things Needed To Know [VIDEO]


It has been four years since the release of the massively-hit stealth action-adventure video game "Dishonored" and fans are now preparing for yet another treat as "Dishonored 2" is near its release date. However, it seems that Arkane studios and Bethesda Softworks might implement a new policy with regard to the game's release despite gameplays around the web being abel to fill-in the fans as to the things they need to know about the game, according to sources.

It was recently reported that Bethesda might possibly implement a new policy with regard to the release dates of the game's review-codes and/or media review-copies. It was mentioned that the developers might apply the same policy that they had with "Doom" to their upcoming releases, including "Dishonored 2," Rock Paper Shotgun reported.

It has been a long tradition for most parts of the video game industry that before a game nears its release date, review-codes and/or media review-copies are released beforehand. This way, the games are aptly reviewed in order to give its consumers some ample time to decide whether or not a certain video game is worth purchasing. This has also been a means to gauge the performance of video game titles and address the curiosity of avid fans regarding the games they have been eagerly waiting to be released.

However, it seems that Bethesda might hold back and release the copy of their games all at the same time for both the media and the consumers alike, Rock Paper Shotgun learned. As such, the source noted that this might be the case when both "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition" and "Dishonored 2" hits their release dates.

Despite this, fans have been filled-in about the gameplay and other details needed to know regarding "Dishonored 2."

One such detail,which fans were able gather from gameplays, is that the story for "Dishonored 2" will be set 15 years after the conclusion of the first installment, IGN stated. Fans would get a glimpse of Emily as a trained assassin, courtesy of Corvo from the first installment of the franchise.

As such, other details that have been listed and pointed out by the source have definitely informed fans of everything they need to know as they prepare themselves when "Dishonored 2" hits its release date.

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