Google Will Brand Malicious Sites ‘Deceptive’; Won’t Entertain Reviews To ‘Unclean Sites’ For 30 Days [Video]


Google just added a new feature to its Safe Browsing arsenal by branding 'unclean' sites as "repeat offenders." Google will not grant these malicious sites a review to lift security warnings for 30 days.

The new Google rule will apply to sites that are or appear to be deliberately spreading malware, phishing pages, or unwanted software where Google Chrome will display a full-page security warning for users to inform them these sites are 'deceptive.' Firefox and Safari browsers also have a Safe Browsing feature to protect users, ZDNet reported.

Deceptive sites usually do this practice of operating between clean and then switching to 'unclean.' Once Google flags these unclean sites, they clean up their act, apply to Google for a review to get the site security warning lifted, and once the warning is lifted, go back to their usual malicious practice until they get flagged again in an ever continuing cycle, according to PCWorld.

Well, not anymore. Google has decided to brand these "repeat offenders" by issuing the security warning but this time the malicious sites won't get the satisfaction of having to submit themselves for a review. Once Google determines that a particular site is a repeat offender, that site will have to wait 30 days before Google acts on its restriction and lift the security warning.

Although Google has not disclosed how much these malicious sites carry on with this practice, it might be too often enough that Google had to impose the new rule.

Brooke Heinichen, a member of Google's Safe Browsing Team said they observed that a small number of websites would cease harming others just long enough for the warnings to be removed. Once the warning is lifted, these sites revert to their harmful activity.

However, Google said that they would not brand hacked sites, though hacked sites present another set of problems. It is clear from Google that only malicious sites that perpetuate repeated harmful activities will be subject to the new policy. Once a site is branded as a repeat offender, its webmaster will not be able to request a review until after 30 days later.

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