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New Google Chrome 57 Update Brings Developers-Friendly Tools Along With Dozens Of Improvements

Mar 11, 2017 AM EST Chrome 57 Out For Mac, Windows, and Linux With New Features, Update For Android & iOS Imminent. It also fixed 36 security vulnerabilities.

Google Chrome To Get A Big Boost, Courtesy Of Apple, But May Also Faces Serious Cybersecurity Threat

Feb 28, 2017 PM EST Google Chrome to get another big update, support for Apple's Touch bar is coming. Latest Google Chrome scam may pose a serious risk to users.

Google Gmail To Get A Big Boost But Gmail's Open Source Project Might End Up Going Nowhere

Feb 28, 2017 AM EST Google will be releasing an experimental version of the company's E2Email encryption technology to the open source community. But without strong leadership and backings from the companies like Google, ...

Google Chrome for iOS Gets Big Update, But Gmail Ends Support For Chrome 53 Versions & Below

Feb 08, 2017 AM EST Chrome for iOS to receive big update. Gmail to end support for Chrome version 53 and below

Google has almost 'broke the web' with its latest Google Chrome 56 update

Jan 31, 2017 AM EST Google Chrome nearly introduced a feature that would have crippled web applications.

Google Chrome Users Still Have No Easy Way To Stop the Microsoft's Windows 10 Spam-Like Ads

Jan 23, 2017 AM EST Windows 10 is spamming Chrome users with ads.

Adobe Releases Latest Security Updates, But Updates Angers Some Google Chrome Users

Jan 13, 2017 PM EST Adobe angers Chrome users by bundling browser plugin with the security update.

Microsoft Edge Update: Microsoft Joins Arch Rival Google In Blocking Adobe Flash Contents, Will This The Start Of the End Of The Adobe Flash?

Dec 19, 2016 AM EST Microsoft and search giant Google start slowly strangling Adobe Flash to death.

Google Releases Chrome 55, Fixes 36 Security Holes And Defaults To HTML5, Will The Update Also Kill Adobe Flash?

Dec 05, 2016 AM EST Google is finally addressing the 12 severity security flaws in its Google Chrome web browser. The search giant this week, has released the latest version of its Chrome browser, with Chrome 55 ...

Google Will Brand Malicious Sites ‘Deceptive’; Won’t Entertain Reviews To ‘Unclean Sites’ For 30 Days [Video]

Nov 10, 2016 AM EST Google just added a new feature to its Safe Browsing arsenal by branding 'unclean' sites as "repeat offenders." Google will not grant these malicious sites a review to lift security warnings for 30 ...

MacBook Pro RAM Debate: Apple’s 16GB RAM Device Is Enough Except For Google Chrome? [VIDEO]

Nov 08, 2016 PM EST The MacBook Pro is only limited up to 16GB RAM which is many consider as inadequate. One tester however, tried to prove that 16GB of RAM can go a long way.

The Myth of Online Anonymity: Stanford and Princeton Researchers Shows We’re Less Anonymous Than We think

Nov 02, 2016 PM EDT We leave digital clues behind far more than we know and it's more than what we would really like.

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