Google Pixel And 7 Settings You Should Change, Now! [VIDEO]


Google has done a lot of right things with its flagship phone. Get the most from your Google Pixel device by changing a few settings.

Wi-Fi Assistant

This feature allows your Google Pixel to automatically connect to known high-quality networks, sparing you from consuming your data plan needlessly. The assistant also has a VPN service to keep your personal information safe when you connect to a public network.

Live Wallpapers

Google has revamped the wallpaper section of the Pixel that they claim won't hog your battery. They added Live Wallpapers that change slowly as your battery drains, or you may opt for weather conditions based on your location. Added also are Daily Wallpapers that changes your wallpaper every 24 hours without any interference from you.

Enable 4K video

Google included full resolution storage with the Pixel via Google Photos for free. It means you can backup your high-resolution images and videos with no quality loss and at no cost to you.

Set up Google Photos

Now that you have unlimited photo/video storage, it is advised to set up the Google Photo app. A couple of taps is all it takes to enable backup to Google for free.

Fingerprint sensor

The fingerprint reader at the back of your Pixel can double as a touchpad to pull down the notification shade by a mere swipe from any screen. The feature is off by default, but easy to switch on.

Helpful Pixel shortcuts

Double-pressing the power button quickly opens the camera. A new feature also allows you to switch between the rear and front camera with a quick double-twist of the phone. You can enable or disable these features in the Moves section. A brief animation of the gesture in action can be seen by tapping the play button next to each Moves option.

Google Assistant (a revamped version of Google Now)

1] Long press the home button to bring up Assistant; 2] Tap the menu in the top right corner followed by Settings; 3] From Google Assistant Settings, tell Google whom you want news from, information to be included in your daily agenda, and tailor your personal information.

Watch the video below or click c|net for a detailed guide how to enable these settings.

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