6 Easy Steps To Stream Media From Any Android Device To The PS4 [Video]


Learn how to stream media content from your Android smartphone or tablet to your TV via the PS4 in just six easy steps.

Today, our phones or tablets have more media in them that no matter how rich the content maybe, we content ourselves from viewing them on our device's tiny screens. Watching content, whether they may be photos or videos are always enjoyable if you view them in today's big screen TV's.

What if we can show that there is a way this can be done using either a mobile phone or tablet and with the PS4? According to Phandroid, following the instructions below can have you streaming your content from any mobile device in less than two minutes. Just make sure that the mobile device and the PS4 are on the same WiFi network before following the instructions below.

Google Play Store

Go to Google Play Store, download, and install Pixel Media Server in the mobile device.

Give the mobile device a name

Once Pixel Media server is installed on the device open the application and tap DMS Name to give the device a name.

Share that folder

After giving the device a name, tap Share Folder to choose which folder on the device that you would like to stream content from device to your TV.

PS4 Media Player

Turn the PS4 on and open the Media Player application.

Select the shared folder

On your PS4, pick the Pixel Media Server drive of the device.


Navigate the folder/s on the Android device to locate the shared folders you specified.

That's it. The app though basic does allow the user to browse the mobile device through the PS4 for media files. There are,however, other apps that can be used but needs a license fee. Bubble UPnP is quite refined but has a $4.50 fee with an in-app purchase.

According to Digital Trends, Pixel Media Server is a simple DLNA Media Server that in order for it to stream content, you just need to change the name of your device and the folder that contains your media.

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