'Dota 2' News & Update: More Team Roster Drama Ensues; Fantasy Challenge Returns To Boston Major Battle Pass [VIDEO]


Fans of the widely popular multi-player online battle arena game, "Dota 2," would agree that they are as invested to their favorite Esports teams as they are to the game itself. In light of this, there have been reports that another drama just ensued regarding one of the game's iconic Esports team just as The Boston Major is nearing, according to sources.

Fans are well aware of "Dota 2's" highly-acclaimed team, Natus Vincere, who has garnered its critical success when the Esports organization won in The International 2011. This was the first major offline tournament that Valve, the developer responsible for the game's success, has organized to such a large scale. As such, Natus Vincere (NaVi) has since been able to expand its fanbase and capture the hearts of "Dota 2's" growing community.

However, recent news indicated that the organization were involved in an internal drama regarding its team's roster, Mashable Asia reported. It was reported that three of its members were discharged from the team due to internal issues that ensued between the players after they failed to qualify for Valve's upcoming Boston Major tournament.

It was further noted by Mashable Asia that the remaining members of the defunct 2016 NaVi team, were long-time fan-favorite Danil "Dendi" Ishutin and Victor "GeneRaL" Nigrini. Also, it was mentioned by the source that rumors of this internal drama have already been hinted long ago after NaVi performed miserably the recent The International 6 competition.

In an interview with "NaVi Inside," Manager Igor Sidorenko said that the organization intended to keep the roster despite the poor performance they had during The international 6, Mashable Asia learned. However, conflicts between the players regarding personality and poor communication led to the decision of disbanding the said roster. As such, NaVi will also be hiring third-party services to conduct psychological training to its future roster.

With the upcoming Boston Major tournament, Valve has also announced news regarding a new update to its Battle Pass. It was stated on their official website that the Fantasy Challenge will be returning to the Boston Major Battle Pass, which will allow fans to unwrap 12 Player Card Packs to finalize their fantasy teams during the events of the Boston Major.

With the new roster of NaVi looming ahead and the Boston Major nearing, "Dota 2" fans can expect a lot of things from their favorite MOBA game.

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