New Steam Store Update & Redesign Detailed! Valve's Autumn & Winter Sale 2016 Dates Leaked! [VIDEO]


Gamers and fans all over are more than familiar with Valve's digital distribution platform, Steam. It was recently reported that an update and redesign of the platform has already been implemented that aims to improve its users experience. Moreover, there are reports indicating that the dates for Valve's upcoming Autumn and Winter Sales this 2016 have been leaked, according to sources.

Steam is the widely-popular software, developed by Washington-based video game developer Valve, that allows its users to install, update, and purchase games digitally. It also offers game developers the platform's digital rights management (DRM) and a venue for it to showcase its products via the Steam Store.

In relation to this, recent news indicated that Valve has recently made an update and redesigned its Steam Store in an aim to improve the browsing and exploration of its users with regard to the platform's online store, IGN reported.

It was reported that the Discovery Update 2.0 made by Valve Corporation has imported new features, tools and functionality to its online storefront, IGN learned. It was also detailed that the Steam Store will now include a more effective and efficient preference options, expanded support for its game-curators, and a more convenient way for users to access their friends' activity.

It was further described by IGN that the update and redesign to the Steam Store allows its users to further customize and modify their shopping experience to their own preference via the newly implemented quick menu, which is found in the upper-right corner of each video game.

In addition to this, Valve's new update has made the platform's recommendations more accurate as well as an improvement in informing its users about the details of a certain game, IGN noted. A lot more features were also discussed through Valve's overview on its official website.

In other news, reports have surface around the web regarding the leaked dates of Valve's upcoming Autumn and Winter Sale this 2016, Shacknews reported. The source took note of a tweet from a user named Iashman, who has supposedly leaked the upcoming dates of Valve's remaining sales this year.

With the recent update and redesing of the Steam Store and the upcoming Autumn and Winter Sales this 2016, it seems that fans will have a blast browsing through various games in the online store.

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