'Destiny' Releases New Hotfix Update; Wrath Of The Machine Raid's Aksis Challenge Mode Guide! [VIDEO]


Fans of the acclaimed online-only first-person shooter game, "Destiny," have much to talk about as the game's developers have recently released an update for the game. Moreover, guides relating to the game's "Wrath of the Machine Raid" states in detail on how to complete its Aksis Challenge, according to sources.

It was recently reported that Bungie, who is responsible for the critical success of "Destiny," has recently disseminated a hotfix update, which mostly aims to improve the game's economy, Gamespot reported.

It was noted by Gamespot that the update for "Destiny" will help improve the quality of life for players in "Destiny: Rise of Iron." It quoted Bungie in stating that the recently-released update should allow the encryption of the Rise of Iron Vanguard and Crucible weapons from Engrams.

Moreover, it was further noted that players will certainly see a more consistent drop-rate regarding the Skeleton Keys from the Taken Archon Priest in the Winter's Strike, Gamespot learned.

As for the game's economy, Gamespot also took note of the fact that the new update for "Destiny" will tweak the decryption of Dusty Iron Engrams into one Silver Dust, which previously dismantled into Legendary Marks.

In a post by the game's developer, Bungie, the company stated that they are currently developing on a few tweaks and modifications to the Silver Dust economy in order to reassure fans that they will be justly rewarded for the achievements completed in the "Destiny: Rise of Iron." It was further mentioned that the changes brought to the game aims to promote a positive player experience and and meet future changes and balances to the game.

In light of this, guides for the Aksis Challenge mode in "Wrath of the Machine" raids suggests that all a player needs to do is to get their team supercharged in order to complete it, VG24/7 reported.

The guide posted by VG24/7 basically tells players to readjust their tactics by supercharging their team every time Aksis teleports after the DPS phase. Players need to be keen to spot and reach the plate with the red supercharge beacon.

With the new update rolled out, fans can expect better things as they complete more upcoming challenges in "Destiny."

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