'Destiny 2' Reconfirmed Released Date; News & Update On Gameplay Rumors [VIDEO]


It has been two years and four released-expansions since the initial unveiling of "Destiny," and fans of the online-only first-person shooter game are on their toes as news of the release date for the second installment of the franchise, "Destiny 2," has been reconfirmed, according to sources.

Fans would agree that their could not be a better feeling than hearing the latest news of a confirmed release date to the games they have devoted themselves in. As such, video game-aficionados of "Destiny" were pleased to find out that Bungie, the developers behind the acclaimed franchise, has reconfirmed the release date of "Destiny 2," Gamerant reported.

In an article featured in Edge Magazine, the developers of the game "Destiny 2" has made it clear to its fans that the game would definitely have its release date set sometime 2017. Though news of this wouldn't be much of a surprise for the game's die-hard fans, the reconfirmed release date has actually been announced years ago, Gamerant learned.

Moreover, the source mentioned that Luke Smith will be taking the helms of directing the sequel, who was praised for his works on both directing the major expansion "The Taken King" and for being the lead designer for another expansion "Vault of Glass."

Fans were at ease from hearing both these news as the sequel to "Destiny" is certainly near and at good hands.

Moreover, rumors have surfaced that "Destiny 2's" gameplay might be set in another planet, such as Mars, where the expansion "The Taken King" could have served well as bridge or transition to such speculation, The Gamers Drop reported.

It even went on to entertain the speculation of one fan that the title to the upcoming sequel might be "Destiny 2: The Shattered Sun," The Gamer Drop stated. Such speculation has had its inspiration from a story-line found in the expansion "The Taken King," which includes a character by the name of Osiris.

Regardless of such news and speculations, the one thing that is certain is that fans will be able to experience "Destiny 2" as its release date has been reconfirmed to be set sometime in 2017.

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